Are you currently trying to get pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant?

Are you becoming frustrated as time passes, wondering why you haven't fallen pregnant yet when it seems like everyone else around you barely has to try?

I get it; that was me once too. I had tried conventional methods to become pregnant and even went through the stress of IVF with no results. It wasn't until I learnt about Fertility Awareness and uncovered the root cause of my fertility and menstrual health issues that I saw success!

Let's be honest; how much do we really know about how our body works? How to understand when we are fertile, if were ovulating, how to troubleshoot our cycles and understand what all those symptoms mean?

My coaching programs will deliver the sex ed that you missed out on at school and teach you how to understand exactly what is going on with your fertility and hormones to get results.

About Transform Your Cycle

The program will take you on a journey of self-discovery, combining self-paced learning with exclusive access to my Body Bluprint Facebook Community, where you will learn from other experts in the field. Through multiple levels of learning and a supportive community, we will take your body literacy to 100 and help make your dreams a reality.

While this program may be designed so you can learn at your own pace, you are not left alone! You'll have the opportunity to share your charts and gather valuable feedback from Hannah in the Facebook Community, and access to her DM's too! When she says she wants to be our cheerleader, she means it. 

You'll learn

  • How to use The Fertility Awareness Method to achieve pregnancy. 
  • How to not only chart your cycles but master how to interpret the data you're collecting. 
  • How to understand & interpret cervical mucus, basal body temperature and LH testing,
  • How to know if & when you’re ovulating or not and identify your fertile window.
  • Identify if you have a healthy cycle & develop strategies to improve your hormonal health.
  • All about your hormones and how they affect your fertility.
  • Learn about your reproductive anatomy.
  • Understand how to identify hormonal abnormalities and gain the confidence to advocate for yourself medically.

Cost: $255 AUD

The Body Bluprint System is a 4-step learning pathway embedded into all training. This is the same pathway that dozens of women have followed and are now well on their way to becoming empowered and knowledgeable mammas.

It ensures that no matter what point you're at when you enter the program, you leave it no longer feeling powerless but in complete control of your fertility journey.

Who Transform Your Cycle is for

  • Women who are ready to ditch hormonal birth control and set themselves free of the nasty side affects.
  • Women who are ready to learn about their bodies & be in control of their reproductive choices.
  • Those that want to start living in sync with their bodies & get back to how nature intended, unencumbered by synthetic hormones & in tune with their original body bluprint.
  • Women who have tried conventional methods to fall pregnant, and are ready to discover other options.
  • Those who want to get to the root cause of their fertility & menstrual health issues.

Who Transform Your Cycle is not for

  • People seeking a quick fix for their fertility & hormonal challenges.
  • Those not open to trying new things.
  • People who are not willing to take action.
  • Those who aren't committed to making daily observations of their fertility signs.
  • Those that aren't afraid to put in the work, & understand the value in investing in their health & education.


  • You will gain Incredible knowledge & understanding of your body & hormones, with the ability to expertly observe & monitor your signs of fertility & identify your fertile window to consciously achieve pregnancy.
  • You will uncover any fertility roadblocks that may be standing in your way of becoming pregnant & gain the confidence to advocate for yourself & guide conversations & future medical treatment.
  • You will learn how to interpret the data you are seeing within your charts & use your charts as a personal health diagnostic tool, that you can take to a practitioner for support & solutions.

About Hannah

Hannah is a FEMM certified Fertility Awareness Educator and Trained Teacher in the Foundations of Natural Fertility Education. She is passionate about helping women understand their fertility, improve their body confidence and reconnect with their true body bluprint.

After struggling to get pregnant for almost 4 years, undergoing IUI and IVF, and seeing doctor after doctor, it wasn’t until she was finally introduced to Fertility Awareness that Hannah uncovered the root cause of her fertility issues and achieved pregnancy naturally. 

Seeing the results first-hand, Hannah decided to become a fertility coach and, since launching The Body Bluprint has helped dozens of couples from across the world to get pregnant. Hannah specialises in supporting women to truly understand their fertility, regain confidence in their bodies and finally experience change. Hannah is now on a mission to ensure as many women as possible have access to this fundamental knowledge.